A garden is a place to grow skills, plants and joy

Cherry tomatoes from our garden

Cherry tomatoes are producing daily in this lovely warm spring weather.

Homemade rose sugar cookies

Roses from the garden are a joy on the vine but when the time comes to dead head them make sure to save those petals for delightful kitchen treats.

Pocket size watercolor travel kit

Some things are made when they are needed others are made for the pleasure of learning a new craft.

  • Learn something new everyday
  • Live lightly on the planet
  • Inspire others to find joy in the simple things
  • Plant seeds that will grow for generations to come
Quote of the Day

“And one by one the nights between our separated cities are joined to the night that unites us.”

– Pablo Neruda

Naturalist Note

If you are looking for help identifying plants and animals in your area check out iNaturalist. They are a fantastic source for learning about the natural wonders near you.


Rake & Rose is an online experiment produced to inspire others about living simply but well.

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