DIY Watercolor Travel Kit

I just uploaded my first DIY video to YouTube. I have a whole new respect for the editing process specifically but also for all those home video makers online. A two minute video has taken a full week to finish and there is still a major learning curve before the quality is where I would like it to be.

While we have at least half a dozen cameras in the house (most take hard film) and I’m pretty sure we own 3 tripods, I wasn’t able to find a single one. My out of date cell phone seemed to be the best available option for capturing raw footage. I tried tying my phone to a head band, balancing it on top of various tall things, and so many other non traditional “mounting” techniques. The final “mount” that I will likely use for the next video is two pieces of 1″x1″ square dowel balanced on the top of my computer monitor on one side and a pile of books on the other. The phone can sit level in the middle and its camera lens rests between the 2 pieces of wood.

The whole project was to share how to make a simple travel watercolor kit. I’ve made these in bulk for classes that I’ve taught and they are far more cost effective for a one day class than purchasing school water color packs. They pack smaller, cost less, and take very little time to make (unless you’re trying to shoot a video of it, sigh). The video sample is made with a round tin but I’ve made most of my class packs in a bookmark style. If you have the time, please take a look and let me know what you think, link below.

DIY Travel Watercolor Kit

Happy making, painting, gardening, reading, enjoying life, and all of the little things!

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