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Spring is for Jasmine

Star jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides) frequently takes the place of a classic hedge here in Southeast Texas. Our brilliant summer sun is often too much for the more traditional temperate hedges like boxwood. Fortunately, jasmine not only grows in any direction and bushes thickly but when the weather first begins to warm it blooms so profuselyContinue reading “Spring is for Jasmine”

Hibiscus & Ginger Tea

Hibscus sabdariffa flower and calyx, img: Pradeepkannamkulath, 2015, wikimedia CCA-SA 4.0 Every fall for the last several years I’ve been making batches of this hibiscus tea based on a recipe given to me by a friend from Chile. He recommended this tonic as a cure-all for any seasonal illness as well as an excellent preventativeContinue reading “Hibiscus & Ginger Tea”

A Hardy Rose

Roses are one of the great garden delights. Taking an evening walk through the historic neighborhoods of Galveston I can smell their scent drifting on a warm breeze blocks before I find the lucky home where they are blooming. Many people (myself included) begin with the assumption that roses are a challenge to be takenContinue reading “A Hardy Rose”

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